Dessert in the desert!

Cake smash sessions are some of my favorite. I don’t know what it is, but the shear satisfaction that comes over the baby as he or she tastes his first cake is just precious. But turning around to watch the delight coming over the faces of the parents is equally satisfying to me! Parenthood is funny isn’t it? The fact that we can be proud as parents when our little one smashes cake all over their face is a mystery, but one I just love!

I had the privilege of photographing Holly’s (Mom) senior pictures at U of A this last spring. When she reached back out to photograph her family and her precious son’s first birthday, I was so happy!

I love this trio and how they love each other and work hard together!

Jessica and Tanis Married!

When we met Jessica and Tanis in a coffee shop a year before their wedding we could tell these two were fun, loving and going to have a very sweet life together. Jessica has a gently humility about her that makes her very easy to be around. Her stunning beauty is a true reflection of her heart. Tanis is a perfect fit for Jessica, matching her gentleness with a strong yet tenderness about him. This wedding was one of our favorites to photograph and we can't wait to watch this family and love grow! 

And Then There Were Three

There is always something special about adding a baby to your family, and there is something so special about watching your older babies add a little sibling to their world. These adorable girls are going to make the sweetest older sisters to their baby brother all his life! What a lucky little dude to be born into a family that loves him so well! 

Senior year.

Last week my girls celebrated their 100th day of Kinder and 1st grade! It's a fun and sometimes crazy season of life. Very little quietness in the home, lots of energy, a multitude of priceless sweet moments coupled of course with a lot of sister arguments. But I am trying to savor every crazy moment because I know in a blink it will be senior year and I will do anything for another year with them at home. 

This beauty is Jenna and she is graduating this year. We met Jenna through dance and it's been fun to get to know her! She is a beautiful dancer and a lovely girl! So excited for her next chapter, whatever that may be! 

Goes so fast

When I first met this wonderful family, the oldest was a toddler, the middle a few months old and the baby of the fam wasn't even here yet! And in a blink everyone is in school and each one has a very precious little personality. 

Life has a way of flying by like that. One day you are talking to your friends about first foods, diapers and sleep schedules. The next, it's school options, discipline questions and college funds. 

I'm so thankful for friends to walk with it all through, and these are some of those lovely friends!! 

Three little monkeys!

I feel very honored when another photographer asks me to take their pictures. And even though Megan isn't a photographer, as a wedding and event planner she works with a lot of great photographers. So when she asked me to come snap some pictures in the hospital I was thrilled! 

Back up....I was thrilled because of who was asking me to do this. But I was actually not super thrilled to shoot pictures in that harsh hospital light! Fast forward to when I got the call that Megan had her baby and was ready for some pictures of her older girls meeting him, all that excitement came right back! Because really when these incredible life moments are happening and all you're given is hospital light, you do what you can because it's not the lighting that you will remember, it's the precious looks on the face of your oldest when she gets to hold her baby brother for the first time. It's the way your heart feels like it could explode as you watch your "baby" become a "middle child" in a blink and the way you wish that you could freeze this moment and hold on to it forever. That is what I went to capture that day! 

And now, sweet Bennet babe is FOUR MONTHS OLD and being loved so well by his sweet sisters! And even though some of the days and moments of raising three little monkeys might just about kill us, when given the chance to do it over again...oh well we most definitely would! 

Gather the crew!

I absolutely love it when a family member gets in touch with me and says something along the lines of, "My family is all getting together for ____ and we would love to have some pictures of us since we don't get to do this a ton!" The reason I love it is because it's so true! When you don't get to see your family and have them all together that often, getting some great group shots is priceless. These families happened to be in town because two of them were being inducted into the U of A Swimming Hall of Fame! No big deal. 

One of my favorite pictures I remember as a little girl was a big group shot of my family in some small church hall celebrating something. I don't even remember what we were there for but I remember the photo. It was not professionally taken, in fact I remember my Mom setting the timer of her camera on the tripod and then dashing to get in the photo. But I love that photo because we were all together. 

So, be it professional photos or just your phone, take a group photo! In my opinion though, professional is the way to go! That way you don't have to be the director you can leave that up to me! 

Adorbs on all levels.

I'm bringing you another precious little fam bam today! And another sweet family who brought along some exciting news to their shoot! They are expecting another baby! Now, I love meeting new clients at shoots. It's exciting to hear their stories and learn a little about them. But there is something even sweeter about meeting clients and getting to keep in touch with them through all their big life events! And that is just how it is with this family. 

When I was just starting out in photography, they graciously let me take their engagement pictures!! And then I even got to second shoot their wedding!! After that amazing day I was so stoked when I got the message to set up their maternity shoot for their first baby!! And now I bring you our fourth shoot together, sweet baby S turns ONE!! 

And guess what is on the books for me on Monday?!! 

Their second maternity shoot!!! OHHHH happy day! I love this family and absolutely love watching them grow!! 

Ball is a rollin'!

You guys! Hello! I'm back from crazy season and ready to share with you some of the amazing families and people I have photographed over the last several months! 

I just photographed this gorgeous Momma last week with her super pregnant belly because she is now only about a month away from meeting her beautiful baby! But honestly, it feels like a blink ago that she had pulled out her adorable pregnancy announcement sign during this session!! 

I can't wait to meet this sweet baby and watch this lovely family add another piece to their family puzzle. 



The Ricca's || Family Shoot

This was a sweet shoot because this was a girl my husband grew up knowing! It was so fun to meet her and her adorable family! It was a super hot afternoon and her son totally rocked this shoot with tons of smiles and personality! 

The Hall's || Newborn Shoot

Such a special treat to have met this family. As one of my friends moved across town into a new home, a new family was just moving to town. Little did I know, they moved right into the house my friend had just moved out of. And the funny thing is I had done my friend who had moved newborn pictures in this same house just a few years prior!! Now that is a small world!!  

Teddy || Cake Smash Shoot

Another darling family on the blog today! I love cake smash sessions! I don't remember them being a thing when my girls were one, but I absolutely love them and think these photos will be treasured for years to come! 

Jonathan and Nichola || Engagement Shoot

This was such a fun shoot. These two were only in Tucson for a few months, but loved the desert and their stay here! With both of them in the Air Force it only made sense to shoot at the Pima Space and Air Museum!! What a privilege it was to work with them!