Baby brother on his way!

Meet my family. Part of them at least. This is my sister-in-law, her fabulous husband, adorable son and her lovely baby belly!

I will never forget the first time I met Kelly. I was a new college freshmen and I tagged along with some Young Life leaders to a local high school. Kelly was one of the cute little freshmen who bounced on up to us! Little did I know that a few days years later I would get to call her sister.

I also will never forget one of the first times I hung out with Kelly. I had her over to my little college house and made her dinner. Something with potatoes. Very very uncooked potatoes. But she was so sweet that she didn't disown me for my terrible cooking skills. In fact we only got closer!

Those years flew by and in no time Kelly was off to college. We would talk on the phone and when she came into town we would always get together as a family and alone. We would talk about her future husband, our future kids and how fun it would be to go on family vacations together.

It didn't feel like long before Kelly had met the love of her life and graduated college! How crazy that it was almost 4 years ago now!! I still remember watching Kelly walk down the isle. Not only was she the most beautiful bride, she was someone I had wanted my whole life! A little sister!

As her and Jonathan started their life together it wasn't long before we were all sitting on the couch. Kelly had given her Mom a present for birthday. Inside it was a little onesie. (I think!) Well something baby ish. They were announcing that Ethan (although we didn't know at that time he was a boy yet) was on his way!!

What a fast few years it has been. Ethan is now almost two and now sweet little Maverick is on his way!

Life is crazy. I'm so thankful for this family and the way God has used them in my life! I can't wait to meet my new nephew.

Love you guys.