Mama Anna

I don't know if there is anything so special to me than photographing my childhood friends baby bellies. I mean I grew up with these girls! From elementary school to high school I spend my life with these girls! And now, I have the privilege of photographing their growing bellies!

Meet Anna. She is the "Mom" of the group. She was always the most responsible, level-headed one with motherly instincts like no ones business. She took care of you even when you didn't know you needed care. That is a true Mom!

Anna is a great cheerleader, in that wee little cheer skirt but also in spirit. She would encourage you and support you in whatever it was you were doing. She is authentic and real.

I can totally say that with every passing year I enjoy Anna more and more. And I really enjoyed her the first year I knew her, so you can imagine what she means to me now.

I cannot wait to watch Anna become a Mom. That baby straight up is going to have the most legit parents ever. Kian is the perfect match for my friend. Honestly, his humor, wit, and charisma are only the things I love about him on the outside. But he has a heart of gold. He treasures my dear friend as his wive and he is going to make one bad ass Dad!

You guys, I love you! I can't wait to hold your baby and snuggle him/her and tell them all kinds of things about their Momma when she was younger.

I love you to the moon, my friend!