Meghan and Mitch || Wedding!

I'm so excited to share with you this lovely wedding! Everything about this day was simple yet completely gorgeous. From the first time we sat down with Mitch and Meghan a year ago we knew they would be fun to work with. Meghan's thoughtful attention to detail and joy, coupled with Mitch's huge heart and kind personality, made every part of this wedding sweet. One thing is for sure, these two sure love each other! It will be a joy to watch their journey unfold! 

Aubrey and Eric || Wedding

You would never know that he thought he would never get married. He thought he would never fall "in love". He was not looking for a relationship. But then he met Aubrey. With Aubrey's enthusiasm for life, her love for people and her contagiously joyful smile, all of Eric's previous "thoughts" flew out the window.

Standing up in front of all their friends and family, Aubrey and Eric exchanged rings, vows and a promise of forever. With joyful tears all around, a few raindrops and two smiles that lit up like Christmas trees, you could tell these two were so excited to spend their lives together! 

What a beautiful wedding it was! Congratulations Aubrey and Eric!