Gather the crew!

I absolutely love it when a family member gets in touch with me and says something along the lines of, "My family is all getting together for ____ and we would love to have some pictures of us since we don't get to do this a ton!" The reason I love it is because it's so true! When you don't get to see your family and have them all together that often, getting some great group shots is priceless. These families happened to be in town because two of them were being inducted into the U of A Swimming Hall of Fame! No big deal. 

One of my favorite pictures I remember as a little girl was a big group shot of my family in some small church hall celebrating something. I don't even remember what we were there for but I remember the photo. It was not professionally taken, in fact I remember my Mom setting the timer of her camera on the tripod and then dashing to get in the photo. But I love that photo because we were all together. 

So, be it professional photos or just your phone, take a group photo! In my opinion though, professional is the way to go! That way you don't have to be the director you can leave that up to me!