Three little monkeys!

I feel very honored when another photographer asks me to take their pictures. And even though Megan isn't a photographer, as a wedding and event planner she works with a lot of great photographers. So when she asked me to come snap some pictures in the hospital I was thrilled! 

Back up....I was thrilled because of who was asking me to do this. But I was actually not super thrilled to shoot pictures in that harsh hospital light! Fast forward to when I got the call that Megan had her baby and was ready for some pictures of her older girls meeting him, all that excitement came right back! Because really when these incredible life moments are happening and all you're given is hospital light, you do what you can because it's not the lighting that you will remember, it's the precious looks on the face of your oldest when she gets to hold her baby brother for the first time. It's the way your heart feels like it could explode as you watch your "baby" become a "middle child" in a blink and the way you wish that you could freeze this moment and hold on to it forever. That is what I went to capture that day! 

And now, sweet Bennet babe is FOUR MONTHS OLD and being loved so well by his sweet sisters! And even though some of the days and moments of raising three little monkeys might just about kill us, when given the chance to do it over again...oh well we most definitely would!